Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find good used Japanese cars?

You can choose your vehicle from our extensive lists of cars. You can search by maker, category or model name using our car search system.

How do I find cars not listed on the stock list?

We can source vehicles from auctions all over Japan. Please email us to with the details of the vehicle you are looking for — model name, year, mileage and color.

How do I place an order?

Once you choose the car you want, please put through the order or send us an inquiry. Our Sales staff will reply to your email and send you more information on the car and prices up to your destination port. Once we agree on the conditions and details, our sales staff will issue a pro forma invoice so that you can arrange payment.

How do I find my port of discharge?

Please inform us your country where you will register the car and our sales staff will inform you the most convenient port of discharge for you by email.

What are CIF and FOB?

It stands for Cost Insurance and Freight. This includes vehicle cost, insurance and shipping cost to port of destination.
FOB stands for Free On Board. It is the cost of the vehicle plus documentation. It does not include freight, insurance, or any other charges.

Common questions about the payment

What is the payment method?

We only accept Telegraphic Transfer (Bank remittance) – This is the quickest and safest way of your payment. It normally takes approx. 2-5 days to receive and process your payment. Our bank details are available here. As soon as you complete your payment, please email your sales staff with a copy of the bank receipt for quicker confirmation.

Do you accept Credit card or Letter of Credit payment?

No. we only accept Telegraphic Transfer as a payment method.

How do I receive your bank account details?

Our bank accounts are as follows

Bank Details:
ACCOUNT NO: 0199410

Common questions about the delivery after the purchase

When can I receive the shipping information of my vehicle?

As soon as your vehicle is booked for the shipment, we will update you with the ETD (Estimated time of Departure), ETA (Estimated time of arrival) and the vessel name immediately.

When can I receive my shipping documents?

A Few days after the vessel departure, we will have all necessary documents ready at our office. We will arrange the DHL delivery and update you with the DHL waybill no. immediately.

How can I track my documents once they are dispatched?

We will notify you of the DHL waybill no. after we dispatch the documents, so that you can track them on following URL.
DHL express :

What kind of documents will I receive?

We will mail you following documents by air courier after the vessel departure.

1. B/L (Bill of Lading)
2. Export Certificate
3. Final Invoice
4. Other required documents at your custom

Marine insurance policy (if you pay for it)

Common questions about the port of the maritime insurance and delivery

How can I receive my vehicle at the port?

As soon as you receive all necessary documents, you will be able to start port clearance procedure. Our partner clearing agents are available at Eastern and Southern African ports.

What dose marine insurance cover on my vehicle?

Price: $100
Covers: vessel sinking, fire, or loss of cargo, damage (except by force majeure) and theft (except original audio/accessories).
Coverage Limit: full CIF amount.
Coverage Area: from initial Departure port to Pick up point at your destination seaport yard (BEFORE DELIVERY).
NO CLAIMS ACCEPTED after you or your clearing agent picks your vehicle at your destination seaport yard.

What is the condition of the vehicles?

All vehicles are sourced from Auto Auctions, franchise dealers & wholesalers in Japan. These vehicles are fully checked by our professional inspectors before we stock them. All of our stock is owned by us, B.I.D Co., LTD. We are not third party agents or broker.

hat kind of maintenance service do you provide?

We basically do the following checks at our garage before shipment. If any malfunctions are found, they will be fixed prior to shipment. 

• Used Good tires and Good battery
• Export Certificate

Cleaning (interior & exterior, Engine room, under the body)

How can I find spare parts?

We can supply you any kind of spare parts. Please contact us with your vehicle details.